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We don’t follow convention.

We design for more than one. You won’t find boy or girl sections on our site – every style can be passed from brother to sister. We create styles we would wear. If our designs give you kid envy, we are doing something right.

We don’t believe in replacing clothes after one year simply because kids grow (in fact, we think this is crazy!).  Every garment is designed to grow with your child – our unique ONEFOLD sizing system is intended to cover a three-year age span. We are not big on trends and design for more than a single season.

We believe in redefining not only how children’s clothing is designed but also the materials that can be used. For our streetwear-inspired launch collection, we chose cashmere; a material conventionally earmarked for ‘special occasions’. We agree, cashmere is special, but it is also extremely versatile. We say wear it anywhere, any way you want.

We choose to work exclusively with natural, recycled, and organic fibers that are gentler on the earth. Our launch collection is made with recycled cashmere sourced from Italy, thoughtfully manufactured in the U.S. Each ONEFOLD item lives more than one life and will change your perception of recycled fabrics.

The decision to buy any item of clothing should be simple – buy something that lasts. Over time, garments have lost their value – we buy more and use them less than ever. High quality materials and production, timeless styling and design for growth are reasons why you should get an extended life from a ONEFOLD garment. We call this ONEFOLD Life. If you choose one place to buy that item, we hope it’s here.

Onefold. One For More Than One.



Born and raised in Germany, Anika has lived in New York City for a decade. A career in fashion marketing and advertising, including working for Italian luxury fashion companies, laid the groundwork for creating her own high-end label. That — and becoming a mother to two tykes — helped shape the ideas behind ONEFOLD. Very few pieces bought for Tyke 1 (boy), made it into the closet of Tyke 2 (girl). The idea of making high-quality, singular, interchangeable, long-lasting pieces was born. Her son (6) is able to wear every single piece on this site, and her daughter (2) should be able to inherit all of the same pieces.