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Community is vitally important right now, so we pledge to donate 10% of all sales from your purchases during the month of April to No Kid Hungry, in the hope that your support for ONEFOLD can benefit children in need at this time. 

With COVID-19 forcing mass school closures across the country, millions of children are losing the daily meals they depend on. No Kid Hungry uses donations to send emergency grants to food banks and local community groups to ensure families know how to find meals while schools are closed and that every kid in need gets three meals a day.

Partner organizations

2019 had been marked by a growing number of forest fires, which translates into elevated levels of CO2 and into an increase in desertification. Without trees, the future of our planet fluctuates. Together, however, we can do something to change this  situation. We believe it is our duty to protect our planet and to give back to the environment. We have partnered with organizations that are committed to tackling these issues.

One Tree Planted 
One Tree Planted is an organization that aids in global reforestation. With every purchase made, we plant a tree for you. We believe we have a duty to protect our planet, give back to the environment and nurture our forests’ ecosystems.

Every day our business burns carbon. The electricity we use, the shipments we send to you (our customers) — almost every routine activity produces a measurable carbon footprint. Carbon offsets can mitigate those negative impacts. We've partnered with Cloverly, an organization that makes carbon offsets easy and transparent. Cloverly's API can calculate in real time the impact of common carbon-intensive activities, especially those related to internet transactions, and use renewable energy offsets (wind and solar) to make them green. If you choose, Cloverly will purchase wind or solar energy credits on your behalf. You have the option to choose to green your order during the check-out process, a portion of the offset cost will be used to purchase energy credits. Cloverly charges you 25 cents per transaction. Everything else goes toward renewable energy purchases. A small amount could have a big impact.